Thailand is a country that offers the exoticism of the East to its fullest. The Capital City Bangkok, despite its chaotic traffic, is a magical destination. The riverside sites of the city is full of historical sites and famous temples. Khao San Road and Pat Pong Night Market are filled with wonders for shopping around, and the city hosts several Muay Thai fights every day for Thai boxing enthusiasts. This is a country where one may dive in emerald beaches, ride elephants, cuddle baby tigers, experience gourmet Asian cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of Thai people.

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  • Montreal $ 271 *
  • Toronto $ 316 *
  • Basra & Najaf $ 60 (ow)
  • Basra & Najaf $ 120 (rt)
  • Cairo $ 49 (Ramadan promo)
  • Brussels $ 177 *
  • Larnaca $ 35 (ow)
  • Larnaca $ 70

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